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Eaton shows his hospital room artwork.
Manny Morales shows Hampel’s X-rated reel.
Sam Cooperstein doesn’t show, but his Christmas card does.
Jack finally shows his age. (62, right?)

The 2005 B&B Alumni Party. They all came for the fun of it.

This is what you missed if you were missing that night.

Shocking Employment News! Over 100% of retired B&B-ers (and even some who are not retired) are now selling real estate in New York. (You understand account people, but art directors?)

Long-Distance Travel Awards. To Gail Zeltman from her new home in Cape Cod; Angie Gruder from Virginia; Niland Mortimer from an hour tie-up in the Lincoln Tunnel; Connie Williams from Hartford (by bus, both ways!) suggesting that expense accounts ain’t what they used to be.

The Young Silver Fox. Jack Bowen again celebrated the unique spirit and camaraderie that had characterized Benton and Bowles (“Until the The Gang of Three took over,” slurred a copywriter holding tightly to the bar). Jack also regretted that Al Hampel couldn’t be there to share the fun and the honors and then exhibited an agency Christmas card Sam Cooperstein designed in the eighties, as well as an “It’s not creative unless it sells” embroidery that Hampel created, but swears he didn't crochet.

Hipster Empties Wallet. Roy Eaton showed a vintage get-well card signed by B&B-ers when he underwent hip surgery, as well as pictures of his 5 year old twins playing havoc with his other hip.

The Jack Bowen Hardy Gene Awards. A secret committee awarded it to the following who do not look their age (not older, younger): Abbie Snyder, Lois Nelson, Jon Guliner, Tillie Parjus, Jean Burke Cooper.

The Evils of Drink. Rumor has it that Bill Sandberg, glass in hand, agreed to give up his successful new company to become official Entertainment Chairman of the B&B Alumni Group.

It’s All in The Family. Joyce LaRosa dragged her husband Lenny … Jackie Harris showed up hand in hand in hand with husband (Alan) and daughter (Julie) … sisters Lisa Chapman Ivaniki and Susan Chapman came together … Vicky Amon’s daughter Laura returned to help run things … Gail Zeltman’s nephew Scout is now our official Webmaster.

Look How Much Hair (He) (She) (I) Had! Newsletters going way back were saved by Jim Phox, Gail Zeltman, MaryJo Clayton,and others and strewn on tables. The sound of eyeglasses being snapped open filled the room as people looked for their names and tried to recognize friends.

Gag Reel - Better Seen Than Heard. Manny Morales produced a Hampel gag reel lent by Norm Sherman and played on Bill Sandberg’s low volume laptop (the better to muffle the occasional blue dialogue). If you’d like a CD of the reel (For Mature Audiences Only) call or write Manny at 212-279-7322, HYPERLINK "mailto:manny.morales@publicis-usa.com" manny.morales@publicis-usa.com

They Don’t Write ‘em Like They Used To. Bill Sullivan was all set to reprise “A Snootful of Nickels,” a song he traditionally played at stockholders meetings … but never found the piano.

Serious Disaster Talk. People in touch spread the news about David Kreinik and his flood adventures in New Orleans, where he had moved three months before Katrina hit. Subsequently, Irv Osowski reported safely from Florida after a harrowing experience with Hurricane Wilma.

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