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Welcome to the Benton & Bowles Alumni Website

In the beginning, there was Benton and Bowles, an advertising agency created in 1929.
It merged with D'Arcy McManus and Masius in 1985,
and subsequently became the McManus Group.
It then distended into something called Bcom3 in 2000.
It was swallowed whole by a giant conglomerate called Publicis Groupe in September 2002.

It died in October 2002.



For several thousand people, the best was in the beginning.

A unique spirit characterized Benton & Bowles from the start. Overshadowing clashing egos, conflicting opinions, motley personalities, diverse philosophies, not-to-mention natural antagonisms like art director versus copywriter, account person versus creative, was a feeling of people working with people they liked.

It was thought of as a special place at a special time with special people.

That sentiment continued after Benton & Bowles began to lose its identity and its personality.

Shortly after the press announcement of the demise of Benton & Bowles, 210 people showed up at a party, on November 5, 2002, that had been hastily and informally arranged. Soon after that first reunion, an alumni organization was born and a web site was created.

We’ve had several Reunions since then, each attracting up to 250 B&B/DMB&B alumni!

The B&B alumni organization continues the tradition of people working (and partying) with people they like being with. If you have any connection with B&B or DMB&B, please join us. Reconnect with old colleagues and friends.

Please send any thoughts or comments about the web site to Vicky Amon at vickyma9@aol.com

If you want to be added to our Directory of Alumni, please email your information to Gail Zeltman at gzeltman@yahoo.com

If you want us to include news on the site about what you’ve been doing since you left B&B, either personally or professionally, please send it to Diane Dudzinski at diane@blauweissadvertising.com

Keep in touch!