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Welcome to the Benton & Bowles Alumni Website

Announcing new,
improved B&B alumni party!

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2003 Product Attracts Almost 20% More Than Before!
On October 20,2003, over 250 B&B-ers (see attendees list below) met, kissed, hugged, screamed, cried, ran towards others, ran from others, exchanged glances, pictures, reminiscences, business cards and gossip.
That number was up from 220 last year, and included representatives from every department.
La Maganette was packed until 10:30, when smaller groups adjourned to a few local joints to probe even deeper into the things that made B&B such a special place for so many years.
(And there was at least one job offer and acceptance on the spot!)

When Jack Talks, People Listen

It was generally agreed that not a single person looked a day older than they did 20-49 years ago, except for Jack Bowen who looked three years younger than his college graduation picture. He didn’t reprise his fiery 2002 talk, but worked the admiring crowd one-on-one.

It’s Not Creative Unless Al Shows
Al Hampel huddled with copywriters, art directors, producers, casting people and an occasional lost account-type. He agreed that if he could he would give retroactive raises to everyone in the creative department.

Squeezably Soft

Account executives were heard discussing strategies on how to break into the circle surrounding Tom Carey as he held comic court in a crowded corner.

Quicker Picker-Uppers

Liz Musch got to 50th street and Third from Paris, Lin Braun from Australia, Jane and Lynn Wells from Rumania. Shorter-hoppers were Gary Langstaff from Colorado, Arty Selkowitz and Steve Davis from California, Greg Walker from Atlanta, Steve Gordet from Miami, George Burnett from Colorado, Stam Nishimura from Florida, Rick Ray from Chicago, Kathy McSherry, Gail DeGroat, and Wendy Greenfield from Pennsylvania and Leslie J. Stark from Massachusetts.

The last words from a great many people were “When are we going to do this again?” And the most popular answer was “Next year.” Right now, planners are considering the third Monday in October (10/18/04) but would like some media person to negotiate with La Maganette for lower drink rates. However, any suggestions for another place will also be considered. Send them to Vicky Amon at vickyma9@aol.com.

Check the website www.bandb-alums.com for all kinds of good stuff about B&B and the past. Not to mention your future. Send Diane Dudzinski (at dudzinski@bigplanet.com) a profile of what you’re doing now, where you’re living, when you worked at B&B. We’ll post it and who knows what can happen. Some job possibilities if you’re looking, some personal replies from long-lost friends if you’re not.
Please send any information you have about B&B-ers who aren’t in the loop to Gail Zeltman at gzeltman@yahoo.com

They Moved Their Tails For Us
The B&B Alumni Party was brought to you by Vicky Amon, Don Blauweiss, Diane Dudzinski, Gary Langstaff, Joyce LaRosa, Peter Nord, Dale Puckett, Larry Sillen, Janet Stanton, Richard Thorne, and Gail Zeltman.

See you in 2004!