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Sox 5, Yanks 4, B&B 179!

Despite rain, baseball and Monday malaise, B&B-ers swarmed into La Maganette on October 18, 2004, to meet old friends, ignore old adversaries, eat, drink and wonder where the flowers,
years and hair have gone. As well as how come people don’t have fun in advertising anymore?

This was the third annual reunion and the turnout and spirit suggests that reunions are here to stay. And why not, when people have sworn that all of these things happened that night:

Jack Bowen looked at least two weeks older than he did in the 1990s ...
Al Hampel shpritzed with a group that included suits ...
Diane Gilley Jones flew in from North Carolina, Gail Zeltman from Cape Cod,
Gary Langstaff from Colorado, Jim Phox from San Francisco,
Meredith Stern from Los Angeles, Steve Gordet from Miami,
as did Netta Linder Valdimer Evans (winner of longest name award along with Charlotte Thompson Kelly Veal) ...
Talking baby talk were Joe Carlucci and Ken Fried ...
and ...
but why not cut to the chase
and look at pictures of everybody (we hope) who was there

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