4th Reunion

La Maganette - 2005 Venue

Mark Abrams

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B&B Cross-stich sampler

Bill Sandberg, Vicky Amon, Laura Amon, Janet Stanton, Gail Zeltman

B&B “Inks” from 1979 & 1981

1988 B&B “Inks”

B&B “Inks” from 1980 & 1983

B&B “Inks” with party photos from 1983

Larry Sillen and Laura Amon

Vicky Amon and Laura Amon

Joel Harrison, Peter Nord, Gail Zeltman

Gail Zeltman and Joanne McShane

Janet Stanton and Bill Sandberg

Warren Berger and Jerry Layefsky

Peter Nord, Joanne McShane, Ross Rosenberg, Andy Edelstein, Joel Harrison

Janet Stanton, Vicky Amon, Bill Sandberg welcome folks

Joel Harrison, Fred Charrow

Kathy McSherry & Gail Zeltman checking out old B&B “Inks”

Michael Norcia & Kathie Rokita

Hank Bernstein, Mike Moore, Ted Dunn

Mike Moore, Sue Montgomery, Mark Abrams

Andy Edelstein & Kathy McSherry

Connie Williams & Ron Campbell

Gail Zeltman & Anna Cisar

Julie Harris (Jackie’s daughter), Jackie Harris, Lois Nelson, JoanEllen Percoco, Alan Harris (Jackie’s husband)

Barnet Silver, Peter Nord, Laura Forbes

Jerry Layefsky & Brian Hughes
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