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The 2014 B&B Reunion


“B&B was the home of the smartest, hardest working and nicest people I have ever known.  Nice to know that nothing has changed.”
                              —Bill Sandberg, 9/29/14


It’ll be 2016 before the next affair, so if you missed it, you missed a lotta hugs, a lavish spread of food, and a good time.  The weather and the Society of Illustrators were both warm and cool, just like those who gathered.  The staff said we reminded them of “Mad Men” (and women) – guess we’re all still looking pretty good!  Since so much was happening, here’s what you might have missed even if you were there:

Some folks brought family members, no doubt to prove that they did go to work every day all those years ago:  Steve & Marta Davis, Ted & Gracine Dunn, Jackie & Alan Harris, Ric & Suzanne DiDonato, Tom Conlon & son Brian, Netta Linder & cousin Lou Linder, Arty & Betsey Selkowitz and Vicky Amon & daughter Laura (and Laura’s friend Dan too).  Gotta love ‘em.

Some of us are still working, albeit in a variety of ways:

Want to buy a bridge?  For reasons unknown, a lot of B & Bers are brokering real estate around the tri-state area.  Warren Burger is a Director at The Lansco Corp. (corporate and retail spaces), Jon Fisher is a broker, artist and designer at Douglas Elliman and Ken Fried is with William Raveis in CT.

Talk about real estate, Arty Selkowitz is leading the non-profit Mill River Collaborative in Stamford CT, rehabilitating the waterfront there.  Forbes magazine called him “The Mad Man with a Plan” … and connections, we’d say.

Searching for Betsy Bernstein?  Well, she’s heading her own firm, The Bernstein Research Group, and searching or researching for others.

Geoff Schmidt is still causing folks to smile for the “birdie,” but now it’s the kids who have fun at his indoor children’s playground – nice way to spend the day, huh?

Those ads you can’t forget and the planning of reunions (his high school and our B&B ones) are being done by Don Blauweiss and Diane Dudzinski of Don Blauweiss Advertising and Design.  They’ve gotta be tired all the time.

Need help selling to critical, multicultural audiences?  Call Ron Campbell’s Campbell Communications, and he will strategize the best way.

Gail Zeltman spent the last year and a half raising funds & planning the celebration of her town’s (Sandwich, MA) 375th anniversary. She’s almost done – whew!

Alan Barcus does what he always does, creates ads that are successful because they sell, and comes up with catchy copy too, at BarcusBrainSell.

Hervé De Clerck is a Founder and Dream Leader- aren’t we all one of those?  His Ad Forum is an interactive database for the ad biz; he knows things about the business you should know.

Steve Farella founded his own independent media company in 2002 (TargetCast tcm) and is now Chairman of Assembly, a melded mega-media agency that’s part of MDC Partners – lots of business cards in his wallet.

Al Bensusen is President, CEO and Chief Janitor at Sculpture Ink, and an active working sculptor/artist – you might find him at the Art Students League in NYC.

Bill McCarron is President and Principal of the Real Media Value Company, providing “Truth in Advertising” as he audits media spending for efficiency and results.

Roy Eaton still plays piano, raises his almost-teenage twins sons, and does commentary for Fox News in their Fair and Balanced segments. His CDs are fair and balanced as well.

Brian Hughes is Managing Partner of Maxus Global – is that sorta like gluteus maximus, or not at all?

Jon Guliner continues to enjoy not working but helps his son’s studio production and equipment rental business when needed.  Can’t get him out of the business J

Noreen Rafferty is growing Fordham University – not by buying buildings, but as Asst. Director of Marketing & Communications.  It’s keeping her young!

Susan Danaher is now EVP, Chief Revenue Officer at Adspace Networks, Inc.  Keep your hands on the prize, Sue.

Tom McCaffrey and Jean Fitzgerald are both keeping the country afloat, one client at a time – Tom at RBC Capital Markets & Jean at Bank of America.  Thanks, guys.

Alvaro Saralegui’s company, DangerTV, is a digital platform that aggregates danger-centric programming, promotes it to online & mobile audiences, and monetizes the content with sponsorships & online video ads.  What?

Leslie Webber Pascaud is Global Director Sustainability at the Added Value Group, back in NYC after 20 years in Paris – such a shame, huh?

Still working at son-of-B&B (Publicis) are Robin Sabith, Victor Basile, Katie Bury, Patty Enright, and of course, Manny Morales.  Who else have we missed there??

At other agencies are Marty Susz (Havas) and Joyce Benson LaRosa (Avrett Free) and …

At research companies:  Jim Meyer and Elissa Moses, super execs at Ipsos North America.

At industry groups:  Greg Walker, agency relations for the Southern Region AAAA in Atlanta.

At PR firms:  Nicole Green at Dan Klores Communications.

At job recruiting firms:  Norm Sherman is Partner at Troyanos Group (contact him to sign up for his Game Changers email and blog) and Steve Schwartz is President of Management Recruiters of Gramercy.

At consulting:  Joe Plummer, with more projects than you can imagine.

And, then there are those who can actually relax.  There are many winners who are retired, happy, & smiling at 8:00 AM, including:  Abbie Snyder, enjoying family and traveling; Peter Greene, living it up in NYC and Rocky Point, LI; Cheryl Greene, thrilled with her new granddaughter; Phil Wallace, painting and historic novel writing; Charlotte Rosenblatt, looking to do something with women (which Norm Sherman is also hoping to do).

WOW!!  Any questions?  Contact one of our intrepid Reunion Committee volunteers:  by email, Vicky Amon Vickyma9@aol.com, Don Blauweiss don@blauweissadvertising.com, Diane Dudzinski diane@blauweissadvertising.com, Bill Sandberg william.l.sandberg@gmail.com, Abbie Snyder as.hs@verizon.net, Gail Zeltman gzeltman@yahoo.com and via Facebook Netta Linder www.facebook.com/pages/Benton-Bowles-Alumni, plus Norm Sherman on our LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/groups/DMB&B-Alumni).

AND THIS IMPORTANT NOTE:  this Committee is REALLY looking for additional help with keeping us all connected and future reunion planning, so our thanks to JoAnne McShane and Joan Keating who have already stepped up to work with us for 2016.

Now, here are the PHOTOS, and below is the list of attendees + regrets from those who let us know they couldn’t make it.





Vicky Amon
Laura Amon
Jean Arena-Barbieri
Alan Barcus
Al Bensusen
Warren Berger
Betsy Bernstein
Don Blauweiss
Jack Bloom
Sheri Breton
Debra Capua
Ron Campbell
Lisa Chapman Ivanicki
Betty Ayers Comerford
Brian Conlon
Tom Conlon
Ross Cooper
John Cross
Malvia Cummings
Billy D’Ambrosio
Susan Danaher
Steve Davis
Marta Davis
Charlie Decker
Hervé de Clerck
Ric DiDonato
Suzanne DiDonato
Marie Donnely
Cathy Aromondo Donovan
Diane Dudzinski
Gracine Dunn
Ted Dunn
Roy Eaton
Lorraine Engelhardt
Steve Farella
Winnie Feldman Lindauer
Ian Ferguson-Brown
Jon Fisher
Ken Fried
Gary Friedland
Jack Goldenberg
Karen Gray
Nicole Green
Peter Greene
Cheryl Greene
Angelica Gruder
Jon Guliner
Mary Haberkern
Al Hampel
Denis Harrington
Jackie Harris
Alan Harris
Brian Hughes
Annette Jennings
Paula Juliano
Alyson Kanney
Ric Kallaher
Joan Keating
Diane Lane-Hymans
Joyce LaRosa
Sid Lerner
Lou Linder
Netta Linder
Tom McCaffrey
Bill McCarron
Joanne McShane
George Magagnoli
Al Magnane
John Malinowski
Jim Meyer
Manny Morales
Elissa Moses
Holly Munter Koenig
Joan Nealon
Lois Nelson
John Nieman
John Peace
Joan Ellen Percoco
Joe Plummer
Noreen Rafferty
Al Ragin
Oscar Recalde
Charlotte Rosenblatt
Patty Rowe
Robin Sabith
Bill Sandberg
Alvaro Saralegui
Geoff Schmidt
Steve Schwartz
Arty Selkowitz
Betsey Selkowitz
Alan Sepkoff
Norm Sherman
Norm Siegel
Larry Sillen
Bob Slossberg
Abbie Snyder
Barbara Spitzer Messin
Deborah Stymest
Marty Susz
Dan Thurber
Greg Walker
Phil Wallace
Leslie Weber Pascaud
Gerry Weinstein
Steven Wright
Gail Zeltman

Couldn't come
but said HI to all

Dan Adams
Allen Adamson
Andy Alef
Peggy Allen Hayes
Lew Alpern
Scott Anderholt
John Andes
Eric Andrews
Tim Arnold
Randy Aubrecht
Gail Bacal
Bugs Baer
Barbara Barton Sloane
Victor Basile
Jerry Baumann
Jane Beale
Jon Belzer
Jennifer Berne
Vesna Besarabic
Darlene Billia
Sam Biondolillo
Kaj Blomqvist
Richard Both
Mario Botti
Jack Bowen
Julian Boulding
Sheri Breton
Murray Bruce
Doug Burns
Nancy Bennett
Mike Blumenfeld
Katie Bury
Barbara Byrne
Tom Carey
Lyman Casey
Helene Castellon-Jacobowitz
Ruth Chester
Mary Jo Clayton
Molly Clevenger
Fletcher Cochran
Nick Coniglio
Tom Cook
Patt Cottingham
Coralie Coudert Willett
Steven Crawford
Suzanne Crawford
Paul Curcio
Jeff Curtis
Joanna Davanzo
Lisa DeCrane
Matt Dodds
Tim Dolman
Pat Doody
Lucinda Doran
David Doyle
Rhett Dunaway
Priscilla Dunne
Jay Durante
Edie Edelman
Andrew Edelstein
Jim Eiche
Martha Eidman
David Enberg
Patty Enright
Katie Williams Fahs
Doug Fais
Connie Farman Tierney
Barbara Fauntleroy Fuller
Butch Faust
John Fenton
Ben Fernandez
John Ferries
Jean Fitzgerald
Beverly Fitzsimmons
Paul Fleming
Janice Forbes
Jay Fraser
Susan Gannon
Leah Gans
Georg Gerstenfeld
Barbara Glick
Hal Goldberg
Joan Goldfeder
Bob Goodman
Steve Gramps
Martin Grant
Marion Greco Liloia
Tom Griffin
Bill Gross
Tom Groves
Phil Guarascio
Carolyn Hale
Ed Hannibal
G.G. Hart
Lansing Hecker
Mark Hintsa
Rich Hamilton
Larry Hampton
Joel Harrison
Alice Haynesworth
Sylvia Holm-Jensen
Marg Hosbach
Laurie Hughes
Jim Hutchinson
Susan Irwin
Jennifer Jacobs
Marge Jaeger
Myrna James
Steve Jankowski
Lynn Janovsky
Carmon Johnson
Diane Jones Staton
Ric Kallaher
Kathy Kane
Scott Kauffman
Hal Kaufman
Marilyn Keenan
Steve Keenan
Bill Kelly
Sheila Kernes
Helen Keyes Schachter
Barry Schachter
Marty Klar
Linda Kligman
Dick Kline
Art Koch
Sergey Koptev
Nancy Koster-Tschirhart
Robin Koval
Paul Kurnit
Gary Langstaff
Cleve Langton
Roseann Langendorf
Esther Lee
Geraldine Leneman
Pat Leonard
John Leonardi
Paul Lepelletier
Jennifer Lerud
Bill Levasseur
Michael Levine
Laura Levitan
Madeline Lewis
Jane Liepshutz
Barry LoGiudice
Darryl Lindberg
Wally Littman
Julie Loste
Dick Lord
Milt Lowe
Hildie Neuman Lyddan
Joan MacDougall
Joel Maliniak
Michael B. Marshall
Svend Mejdal
Margaret Melendez
Linda Mann
Michael B. Marshall
Beth Mart
Nell McCarren
Jim McConnell
Katy McIntyre Shesh
John McKendry
Audrey McKendry
Kathleen McSherry
Svend Mejdal
Margaret Melendez
Tom Mendl
Bruce Meyers
Guy Migliaccio
Larry Miller
Linda Miller
Loraine Miller Kreigel
Metta Miller
Jaimee Mirsky
Niland Mortimer
Bernie Most
Holly Munter Koenig
Diane Murray
Liz Musch
Joan Nealon
Bob Neidhardt
Sherry Nemmers
Tina Nires Fogel
Don Noble
Peter Nord
Larry Nussmeyer
Richard O’Gorman
Pascal O'Neill
Tony Parisi
Roberto Passariello
Stuart Pearlman
Joe Petruccio
Sally Phillips
Jim Phox
Robert Pliskin
April Porter
Dale Puckett
Burt Purmell
Rick Ray
Madeline Rea Cocuzza
Kathie Rokita
Vicci Lasdon Rose
Marty Rose
Peter Rosow
Laurel Rossi
David Rothenberg
Karen Rowan Freeman
Andrew Salzman
Vera Samama
Mark Schaeffer
Ben Schutz
Ira Schwartz
Andrew Sereysky
Rose Sexton
Art Shulman
Bill Sims
Stephen Smith
Jan Sneed
Laura Soldano
Joe Staluppi
Janet Stanton
Leslie J. Stark
Penny Strignano
AJ Storinge
Anna Suessbrick
Bill Sullivan
Nancy Temkin
Vince Travisano
Sharon Tunstall
Natalie Vander Vorst
Ed Vick
Nick Vitale
Kathy Vagnone
Oanh Vovan
George Walther
Bob Wiesner
Connie Williams
Bingo Wyer
Kathy Yaeger
Marlene Yokel
Cory Zacharia
Kate Zartler
Mindelle Ziff