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These pages contain, to the best of our abilities, the people that were in each of the 200+ photos taken that busy night.

Apologies to anyone mislabeled. Also apologies to anyone who didn't get their picture taken.

Next year, make sure to get in a shot, or buttonhole our wonderful photographer, Larry Sillen, for a digital memento to you and your friends.

La Maganette
50th & Third Avenue
New York, NY
Gail Zeltman, Laura Amon, Vicky Amon, Janet Stanton, Joyce LaRosa
Laura Amon, Vicky Amon

Laura Amon, Larry Sillen

Vicky Amon, Gail Zeltman, Gary Langstaff, Janet Stanton, Joyce LaRosa
Sandy Sulcer, Janet Stanton, Vicky Amon
Bill Sandberg, Gary Langstaff, Ken Hite, Steve Gramps
Linda Ferrara, JoAnne McShane

Bill Sandberg, Sandy Sulcer, Wendy Greenfield

Steve Gramps, Jerry Layefsky, Jack Bloom, Leslie Stark

Randy Aubrecht, Robin Sabith, Dianne Rella, Beth Mart
Joel Harrison, Ron Becker

Sandy Sulcer, Mark Abrams, Sue Montgomery
Gail Zeltman, Jonathan Shipman, Leslie Stark
Merrick Gagliano, Dianne Rella, Penny Strignano, Beth Mart, Robin Sabith
Barry LoGuidice, Beth Mart, Leslie Stark

John Fenton, Bill Kelly
Jerry Germain, Jerry Bauman
Nancy Bruya, Jackie Harris, Alan (Jackie Harris's Husband)

Nancy Bruya, Jackie Harris, Alan (Jackie Harris's Husband)
David Rothenberg, Audrey Newman McKendry, John McKendry
Hank Schuyler, Bill Brett
Jonathan Shipman, Gaile Gibbs

Helen Keyes, Marge Jaeger, Penny Strignano, Robin Sabith

Joyce LaRosa, David Kreinik, Jeannie Benson (joyce's twin sister)

Ken Hite, Gerry Hart, Gary Langstaff, Owen Ryan
Rick Ray, David Kreinik, James Bauman, Jerry Bauman
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