The 2012 B&B Reunion



It was April 9th 2012, the day after Easter Sunday. Also the day after Passover. Also three days after a full moon. Also the start of the baseball season. Yet B&Bers came in droves, others in planes, trains, buses and on foot, to the 10th Not Quite Annual Alumni Reunion.

They came from far and wide to the Society of Illustrator’s Club to eat more, drink more and talk more than ever before on what all agreed was the grandest reunion of all. There were representatives from every decade of B&B since the 1960’s.


There was general agreement that Don Blauweiss had more hair than all the men combined, if you didn’t count Jack Bowen. And that Al Bensusen had less hair than all the men combined, including Jon Guliner.

What the boys and girls in the back room had. One of the special delights of the Illustrator’s Club (recommended by John Peace) was a sun-drenched open room in the back that was visited by all and became home base to some. Liz Musch held court there fresh from grueling trips to Bora Bora, Machu Pichu Angkor Wat plus some other exotic places (somebody had to go there) along with Ann McClenahan, who got degrees from Harvard in Divinity (an MDiv and ThD) studying the impact of community organizing on Jewish and Christian Congregations in Boston; she’s now a management consultant. As well as Jim Weinstein, MBA, a ‘Life consultant, career coach and psychotherapist; ‘Guiding clients to more fulfilling careers and happier lives’ (something we all thought he was supposed to do for P&G clients), Trish Tidwell, now a PhD and therapist working out her office in Chelsea.

And others who took full advantage of the outdoors included: Janice Forbes, Mary Haberkern, Angie Gruder, Abbie Snyder, Lois Nelson, Lisa Liebman, Kathy Cannon Vagnone and Roseann Langendorf …


Jay Fraser helps keep us safe with his companies specializing in homeland security software and proprietary technology, as does Diane Lane-Hymans in her work as a Transportation Security Officer at the TSA;

Janet Stanton runs a management consultancy to the legal industry with her lawyer husband Bruce, working with US and international law firms;

Bingo Wyer runs her flower & event-planning business, creating destination weddings in the South of France, fancy dinners at the Explorers’ Club and the like; she’s also a free-lance writer;

Sandy Wilbur continues to work with her love of music, running two creative song and musicology companies out of her apartment in Chelsea; check out her new music video of her composition “We The People The Song (Constitution)” on You Tube – it’s wonderful;

John Peace has become a mega software maven in cloud computing and financial analysis … we don’t understand it but he does. (One hopes.);

Roy Eaton has discovered the fountain of youth, as father to his almost-teenaged twin sons (he also serenades NYC at on-going concert events and venues … you can buy his CD’s!);

Al Hampel had all good intentions to come all the way uptown from Battery Park City but had to cancel;

Norm Siegel has evolved into a noted artist and illustrator specializing in aircraft, and now visits Air Force bases around the country immortalizing planes (he’s also gotten great rides in some of the memorable ones like B-52s);

Don Blauweiss and Diane Dudzinski are inaugurating the Mad Couple era of advertising with their eponymous advertising firm. Don also moonlights on the Board of his alma mater Cooper Union, founded Senior Creative People with pals from DDB and, most importantly, did the cover design for Peter Nord’s new book … …

yes, Peter Nord will debut, in Summer 2012, a collection of satire called Pinchik And Other Kvetchers Plus the Official Tennis and Potchy Manuals. Buy it on Amazon to help Peter get on the NYTimes Bestsellers list;

Pamela Eisenstadt Berns runs her own global training business;

Bill Sandberg runs a sports marketing consultancy, turning his love of boating into $$$; he also has been a columnist for years for Windcheck (a monthly magazine devoted to sailors and powerboaters in the Northeast);

John Fenton is now a Guardian ad Litem (court-appointed advocate for children in need) in Connecticut. He is also on the advisory board of the Office of the Child Advocate in Hartford; and on the board of the Open Door Shelter (a model shelter in Norwalk CT);

Joel Harrison kvells about his & Sally’s two grandchildren, Bennett and Sarah Rose;

Gail Zeltman raises $$$ for her local library in Sandwich MA on lovely Cape Cod while also dealing with the politics and pleasures of the local Chamber of Commerce;

Paul LePelletier writes at NBC on 30 Rock;

Jack Bowen and Jack Taylor bond over stories of their fabled Mad Men days, though they wouldn’t admit who they were mad at. Both enjoy travel and their expanding families;

Diane Murray raises funds and school supplies to help children in Zimbabwe;

Abbie Snyder travels with hubby Harvey when not bemoaning the Mets’ bullpen. Their latest was a lengthy trip to Vietnam, Bangkok and Singapore;

Phil Wallace continues to write historical fiction (read his A Call of the Sea, a great tale revealing his lifelong passion for military history);

Jon Guliner, John Peace and Joe Petruccio eat regularly at the Society of Illustrators, though Petruccio, some claim, just sends an imitation of himself, being too busy writing his popular sports blogs;

Pam Çohen planned on flying in from Chicago, and Ro Leone wanted to bus in from New Jersey, but work got in the way. (We should all be so lucky.)


Some B&B-ers came in couples too + other family connections:

Sandy Wilbur & husband Jim

Steve & Marilyn Keenan, in an on-going celebration their 37th anniversary (since Valentine’s Day 1975)

Don and Suzanne Adams

Marty and Suzan Rose

Helen Keyes and Barry Schachter

Jackie and Alan Harris

Vicky Amon with her daughter Laura, who again helped out by manning the money desk at sign-in along with her friend Maggie Borden

Joyce LaRosa and her twin Jeannie Benson (at this point Jeannie’s an honorary B&B-er)

… and Arty and Betsey Selkowitz would have come except they were in Paris celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary

Working at Son of B&B!

Some folks still work in what’s left of B&B, now called Publicis! Attendees Robin Sabith and Mary Haberkern do (and, even though they couldn’t attend this year, so do Victor Basile, Manny Morales, Sandi Tarnowski … )

Others still work in marketing, and have become adept at space-age technology required to communicate today.

Working All Over the Place!

Liz Musch (Ipsos), Nancy Temkin (Greenberg Kirshenbaum), Ross Cooper (Gold n Fish Marketing), Marty Susz (Euro RSCG), Joyce LaRosa (AFG), Alan Barcus (BarcusBrainSell), Holly Munter Koenig (Kellen Company), Tim Arnold (with an especially creative job description at Possible20: Keynote Speaker. Owner/Principal/Mktg/Creative Gun/ for Hire) …


Wish Roy and his crew had been there. A bounty of food and drink sated the parched B&B-ers who clambered up the narrow staircase to the Society’s 3rd floor dining room: roast turkey & chicken roulade with 3 sauces, 4 kinds of pasta, fruit and other salads, nuts, nibbles and butlered appetizers washed down by lovely wines, beers and sodas. There was plenty of room to stand and mingle, sit and talk, and get away from the madding crowd inside to join the madding crowd on the terrace.


Because we had $$ left over from 2010 and the Society waived its usual $1500 event fee, we were able to almost afford the Illustrator Club’s costs. (See the two paragraphs down for full disclosure.)

The Financial Details: While we had to increase our per person charges for this year due to the wonderful venue, good food and open bar, we kept the cost as low as we could.


And, if you are able to donate something additional to help keep us solvent (to cover things like postage and website hosting costs going forward), please write a check made out to Vicky Amon (she’s the keeper of our account books & bill-payer), and send it to her at 9 Normandy Road, Larchmont NY 10538-1910.


Liz Musch flew in from Paris & saw us after seeing her son Max at college in Philadelphia; Diane Murray came from LA; Butch Foust from Florida; Ann McClenahan and Jim Weinstein from DC; Steve & Marilyn Keenan from Maryland; Jay Fraser from San Antonio; Katie Williams Fahs from Atlanta; Gail Zeltman from Cape Cod; Angie Gruder from PA; Jay Durante from Southhampton LI; Jackie & Alan Harris drove in again from New Jersey and this time had no trouble parking in the lot next door …


Tom Conlon, Dan Adams, Marty Rose, Jim Wilbur, Jay Durante, Jon Fisher and our intrepid photographer Larry Sillen all looked Don Draper-like in jackets and ties; Butch Foust, Peter Nord and Andy Edelstein sported the Official Late 20th. Century Creative Director’s Uniform of black turtlenecks, ladies looked fabulous in a range of suits, dresses, jackets, pants (and Diane Dudzinski even wore 3” heels, not fun to run up and down 3 flights of stairs in)



Check out the shots (go to the Reunion 2012 Page)… no captions on photos again this year, but we’ve included a separate link of who’s who so you can ID anyone you wish, even though you probably don’t need it since we haven’t aged at all since last time, except Jack who looks like he’s finally approaching 50.


Of course, check our website regularly: www.bandb-alums.com

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If we have the energy, we’ll meet again in two years, probably later in the Spring, but NOT around a holiday! Don’t let this stop you from getting together with old friends … you can renew ties with info from the website.


Make sure to check in with us periodically – especially when you change jobs or change email suppliers – and tell old agency friends you’re in touch with to get in touch with us for listing or just to check out our website.

Some of you were “lost” because we had very old addresses for you and we worked VERY HARD to find you again for this reunion – Jim Meyer, aren’t you glad we did?

For corrections and new contact requests, email Gail Zeltman (gzeltman@yahoo.com) or Vicky Amon (vickyma9@aol.com). To give us an update of what you’re doing now, email Diane Dudzinski (diane@blauweissadvertising.com) and bless Kathie Rokita who maintains our website and Peter Greene who helps update our Directory (he just finished 8 pages of changes … a mountain of work!!!)



Here's who came:

Dan Adams
Suzanne Adams
Vicky Amon
Tim Arnold
Jean Arena-Barbieri
Alan Barcus
Jeanne Benson
Al Bensusen
Caren Berlin
Pamela Eisenstadt Berns
Don Blauweiss
Jack Bloom
Maggie Borden
Jack Bowen
Donna Campbell
John Chazen
Tom Conlon
Ross Cooper
Charlie Decker
Diane Dudzinski
Jay Durante
Roy Eaton
Andy Edelstein
Lorraine Engelhardt
John Fenton
Perry Ficarola
Jon Fisher
Jay Fraser
Ken Fried
Janice Forbes
Butch Foust
Hal Goldberg
Jack Goldenberg
Karen Gray
Nicole Greene
Peter Greene
Angelica Gruder
Jon Guliner
Mary Haberkern
Denis Harrington
Joel Harrison
Alan Harris
Jackie Harris
Steven Jankowski
Paula Juliano
Marilyn Keenan
Steve Keenan
Diane Lane-Hymans
Roseanne Langendorf
Joyce LaRosa
Paul LePelletier
Pat Leonard
Sid Lerner
Lisa Liebman
Wally Littman
Annie Loring
Julie Loste
Joan MacDougal
Ann McClenahan
JoAnne McShane
John Malinowski
Janet Mantz-Liciaga
Sven Mejdal
Jim Meyer
Jon Mindell
Holly Munter Koenig
Diane Murray
Liz Musch
Lois Nelson
Peter Nord
John Peace
Joan Ellen Percoco
Katherine Persky
Joe Petruccio
Marty Rose
Suzan Rose
Charlotte Rosenblatt
David Rothenberg
Robin Sabith
Bill Sandberg
Helen Keyes Schachter
Barry Schachter
Alan Septoff
Marty Sider
Norm Siegel
Larry Sillen
Jeri Slater
Abbie Snyder
Karen Spector Piotti
Janet Stanton
Marty Susz
J ack Taylor
Nancy Temkin
Hillary Tannenbaum Weinstein
Trish Tidwell
Doreen Tierney Dinnen
Kathy Cannon Vangone
Phil Wallace
Jim Weinstein
Jim Wilbur
Sandy Wilbur
Katie Williams Fahs
Steven Wright
Bingo Wyer
Gail Zeltman

Here's who couldn't
but said HI to all:

Joan Snedocor Alev
Lou Alpern
Scott Anderholt
Lise Anderson
Tim Arnold
Dick Atkins
Doris Bairan
Richard Barker
Anita Baron
Linda Barotta
David Bartlem
Barbara Barton Sloane
Jerry Bauman
Nancy Bennett
Glen Bentley
Warren Berger
Betsy Bernstein
Vesna Besarabic
Sam Biondolillo
John Blumenthal
Mike Blumenfeld
Richard Both
Janice Boyer
Judith Burnett
Doug Burns
Barbara Byrne
Lew Cady
Bill Callejas
Ron Campbell
Ben Campisi
Leslie Beekman Carter
Lyman Casey
Helene Castellon-Jacobowitz
Ruth Chester
Craig Cheyne
Mary Jo Clayton
Fletcher Cochran
Madeline Cocuzza
Pam Cohen
Nick Coniglio
Jean Burke Cooper
Steven Crawford
Suzanne Crawford
John Cross
Jeff Curtis
Billy D'Ambrosio
Mike Dabrowski
Nina Davenport
Steve Davis
Courtney Day
Linda DeMarco Mann
Herve de Clerck
Gail Desberg (Kiejdan)
Julia DiGiovanni
Maria DiPasquale Napoli
Matthew Dodds
Tim Dolman
Lucinda Doran
Ren Drews
Rhett Dunaway
Ted Dunn
Priscilla Dunne
Jerry Dyson
Liz Eddy
Edie Edelman
Jim Eiche
Doug Fais
Connie Farman Tierney
Winnie Feldman Lindauer
Ian Ferguson-Brown
John Ferries
Susan Fireman
Jean Fitzgerald
Beverly Fitzsimmons
Tina Fogel
Scott Frank
Ron Frankel
Kristen Frederick
Laura Fried
Merrick Gagliano
Susan Gannon
Leah Gans
Roiberto Gerdes
Gaile Gibbs-Warren
Barbara Glick
Joan Goldfeder
Hal Goodtree
Marion Greco Liloia
Cheryl Greene
Jerry Grossman
Tom Groves
Joe Grimaldi
Sherry Hackett
Carolyn Hale
Rich Hamilton
Al Hampel
Bill Haney
Ed Hannibal
Barbara Harris
Alice Haynsworth
Mark Hintsa
Sylvia Holm-Jensen
Nancy Horowitz
Marg Hosbach
Mary Jane Hurley
Ellen Hutchinson
Jim Hutchinson
BJ Hyle
Jennifer Jacobs
Marge Jaeger
Steve Jarmon
Alan Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Diane Jones Staton
Sally Kahler Phillips
Ritch Kassof
Scott Kauffman
Hal Kaufman
Joan Keating
Mike Keenan
Doug Keeney
Bill Kelly
Geoff Kelly
Diane Kenny
Marty Klar
Paul Klein
Dick Kline
Robin Koval
Art Kover
Sandra Kroog
Andi Kupersmith
Paul Kurnit
Gary Langstaff
Jerry Layefsky
Neal Lemlein
Lamar Lemonte
Bill Levasseur
Darryl Lindberg
Netta Linder
Barry LoGuidice
Dick Lord
Milt Lowe
Diana Lynn
Tom McCaffrey
Ellen McCarren
Bill McCarron
Mark McLaughlin
George Magnagnoli
Joel Maliniak
Si Merrill
Beth Mart
Guy Migliaccio
Linda Miller
Loraine Miller
Metta Miller
Manny Morales
Bernie Most
Cathy Mule
Leslie Mulligan Gillest
Sheri Nadel Bretan
Bob Neidhart
Maureen Nelson Johnson
Chip Novick
Larry Nussmeyer
Richard O'Gorman
Inge Oncken
Irv Osowsky
Tillie Parjus
Roberto Passariello
Bill Perkins
Jim Phox
Jim Polizzi
Mary Pollack
April Portner
Dale Puckett
Burt Purmell
Rick Ray
Cathleen Regan
Kenneth Roberts
Kathie Rokita
Ross Rosenberg
Laurel Rossi
Peter Rosow
Karen Rowan Freeman
Erich Rupprecht
Armand Salerno
Andrew Salzman
Vera Samama
Matt Savage
Fred Sawabini
Ben Schutz
Diane Schwartz
Ira Schwartz
Steve Schwartz
Arty Selkowitz
Betsey Selkowitz
Rose Sexton
Norm Sherman
Steve Smith
Jan Sneed
June Stanton
Les Stark
Meredith Stern
Deborah Stymest
Anna Suessbrick
Bill Sullivan
Pete Tannen
Tom Thompson
Richard Thorne
Nancy Tschirhart-Koster
Jim Vail
Oanh Vovan
Laura Waage Sodano
Greg Walker
George Walther
Jerry Weinstein
Jane Wells
Connie Williams
David Winclechter
Marlene Yokel