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The 2008 B&B Reunion


On a smoldering June 9th evening, in the midst of an accident-prone Manhattan, The Public House on 41st Street and Lex lavished some uncharacteristically good pub food like tapenades, wraps and chicken tenders and some characteristically good drinks on the parched attendees at the 2008 reunion. The Public House was suggested by Bill Sandberg, who fled to sea before the event. According to reliable sources (Sandberg) he had to attend a sailing awards dinner.

Jack, of course, was there…tieless! Al was there… even more tieless! (Jack was the one with the wavy hair.)

They came from all over the continent (not the globe, because a few expatriates attended the Lorraine Miller wedding in Paris which was, inconveniently, scheduled for the same day). But Diane Murray winged it from LA and Netta Linder and Irv Osowsky from Florida, Jay Fraser from San Antonio, Diane Worthington from Maine, Gail Zeltman from Cape Cod, Steve Davis and his lovely new wife from Santa Fe, Katie Williams from Atlanta; plus Jonathon Shipman and Jeri Slater by elevator from the 21st floor and Roy Eaton by tram over the entire width of the mighty East River.

A TERRIFIC TRIO – Three exes are playing nicely together at Masterson/SWOT Team: Peggy Masterson, Alan Goltz and Bill Perkins.

A DYNAMIC DUO – Don Blauweiss and Diane Dudzinski are not only playing house together, but they’re winning awards for advertising in Westchester.

MANY GOING SOLO – On the list of attendees there are a scattering of retired-for-lifers and a larger number of computer-for-hire free-lancers. Look ‘em up if you need congenial and professional help.

PUT BACK THAT $1000 CHECK YOU WERE ABOUT TO SEND US! INSTEAD, go have an early bird special at some hip restaurant in Manhattan. (If you don’t tip or drink you should be able to cover it. We did so well that all expenses were paid, including we believe, expenses until the next reunion!

CAN YOU HOLD OUT FOR TWO YEARS? – It was agreed that we’ll be having these get-togethers every two years. We’ll give you plenty of notice. (If you’re planning a wedding outside the States, please let Vicky know in advance.)

WRITE THE WRITERS – Please write Gail Zeltman, Vicky Amon or Diane Dudzinski to let us know of any B&Bers you’ve run into who aren’t aware of our reunions or our website. And generally let us know what’s happening to you … and to people you worked with.




The people you missed
(and who missed you )
if you didn't attend:

Allen Adamson
Vicky Amon
Laura Amon
Joan Anderson
Jean Arena
Joe Bacal
Jeannie Benson
Gene Bierhorst
Don Blauweiss
Jack Bowen
Murray Bruce
Joe Carlucci
Steve Davis
Marta Davis
Charlie Decker
Brian Dillon
Diane Dudzinski
Roy Eaton
Edie Edelman
Andy Edelstein
Lori Eisenberg
Rob Ewing
Steve Fenton
Beverly Fitzsimmons
Gary Friedland
Jay Fraser
Scott Geyer
Hal Goldberg
Alan Goltz
Karen Gray
Nicole Green
Peter Greene
Jon Guliner
Al Hampel
Ed Hannibal
Jackie Harris
Alan Harris
Diane Lane-Hymans
Steve Jankowski
Peggy Bell Masterson (Kalter)
Mike Keenan
Charlotte Kelly Veal
Helen Keyes
Barry Keyes
Stan Kovaks
Paul Kurnit
Diane Lane-Hymans
Joyce LaRosa
Lynelle Leess
Sid Lerner
Netta Linder
Annie Loring
Milt Lowe
Tom McCaffrey
Bill McCarron
Pat McGrath
Joanne McShane
Harriet Maisel
Guy Migliaccio
Elissa Moses
Diane Murray
Maureen Nasse
Peter Nord
Irv Osowsky
John Peace
Joan Ellen Percoco
Bill Perkins
Irene Prymus
Al Ragin
Jack Reynolds
Kathie Rokita
Ross Rosenberg
Charlotte Rosenblatt
David Rothenberg
Robin Sabith
Stephanie Saunders Fouch
Fred Sawabini
Carol Ann Schuster
Alan Septoff
Norm Sherman
Larry Sillen
Jeri Slater
Jan Sneed
Abbie Snyder
Laura Waage Sodano
Joe Staluppi
Janet Stanton
Marty Susz
Nancy Temkin
Natalie VanderVoorst
Jane Warshaw
Jerry Weinstein
Katie Williams Fahs
Steve Wright
Diane Worthington
Marlene Yokel
Gail Zeltman

The people who planned
to come til the last moment
but had valid notes from
doctors, spouses and
travel agents:

Ginny Amita
Ren Andrews
Warren Berger
Elaine Breakstone
Judith Burnett
Lyman Casey
Helene Castellon-Jacobowitz
Jean Burke Cooper
Thom Dean
Matt DeSimone
Tim Dolman
Ren Drews
Steve Farella
Barbara Fauntleroy
Ken Fried
Debra Frohlinger
Jim Fuller
Martin Grant
Stuart Grau
Cheryl Greene
Jerry Grossman
Denis Harrington
Joel Harrison
BJ Hyle
Jeff Johnson
Ric Kallaher
Joan Keating
Linda Kligman
Betsy Kolt
Robin Koval
Gary Langstaff
Bob Lelle
Ruth Levine
Barry LoGuidice
Dick Lord
Eddie McEvoy
Beth Mart
Si Merrill
Linda Miller
Manny Morales
Lois Nelson
Doug Newton
Richard O'Gorman
Joe Petruccio
Pat Porter
Pat Raab
Eleanor Revson
Laurel Rossi
Ira Schwartz
Steve Schwartz
Norm Siegel
Nat Stein
Deborah Jackson Stymest
Hillary Goodman Tannenbaum
Tom Thompson
Sharon Tunstall
Jim Vail
Bill Vitriol
Oanh Vovan

The people who wanted to come
but couldn't:

Scott Anderholt
John Andes
Annette Bachner
Doris Bairan
Richard Barker
Anita Baron
Chuck Beisch
Vesna Besarabic
Bill Bortis
Mario Botti
Elaine Brodey
Doug Burns
Tom Carey
Mary Jo Clayton
Augie Cosentino
Patt Cottingham
John Cross
Liz Eddy
Dick Ende
Butch Faust
Jean Fitzgerald
Scott Frank
Kristin Frederick
Karen Freeman
Mary Garber
Angie Gruder Garcia
Steve Gramps
Dick Grider
Rhoda Gugick
Rich Hamilton
Alice Haynsworth
Sylvia Holm-Jensen
Jim Hutchinson
Marge Jaeger
Casey Jones
Scott Kauffman
Sheila Kernes
Marty Klar
Art Koch
Arthur Kover
David Kreinik
Andi Kupersmith
Jerry Layefsky
Darryl Lindberg
Sigi Lindo
Ed McCabe
Nell McCarren
Jim McConnell
John McKendry
George Magagnoli
Bernie Most
Liz Musch
Audrey Newman
Tillie Parjus
Tom Pastore
Lori Pastore
Stuart J. Pearlman
Dale Puckett
Rick Ray
Peter Rosow
Andrew Salzman
Ed Saturn
Brian Schierman
Jerry Siesfeld
Ken Sheffer
Arty Selkowitz
Andrew Salzman
Bill Sandberg
Steve Smith
Les Stark
June Stanton
Pete Tannen
Nancy Tschirhart
Greg Walker
Eric Weber
Connie Williams
Margot Zelkind